KAAP-Chambres d'O
Chronic migraines prevent Judith Van Oeckel from working as a professional dancer. Within her practice, she explores both the limitations of her body and ways to preserve her movements. 'All She Wants to Do Is Dance' starts from the temporary immobility of a dancer. She meticulously writes out her short micro-choreographies in texts and then slowly stages them in short videos. By means of a contract, a specific movement can be acquired or passed on.
Van Oeckel will perform some of them live during the festival. Between choreography, performance and visual art, she plays with themes of ownership and control, and explores how non-tangible artistic practices, such as dance and performance, can be preserved.
Performance: 15', by Judith Van Oeckel, Fae Felis
Tickets: https://apps.ticketmatic.com/widgets/kaap/flow/kaap?event=600967745047%2C832831771802&l=nl#!/addtickets

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